Steampirates: Rin’s Story is a cynical RPG that can be also considered a pirate manager.

A huge corporation named Inevitable Bliss is planning to legalize the technology that will make all decisions for people to make them happy. But there are those who oppose that idea since it would mean an end to the freedom and turning all people into slaves, even if those are ‘happy slaves’.
Take a role of the main adviser and strategist of Steampirates to fight for the Freedom with any means you consider appropriate: battles, politics, mass media or whatever.


Some people are skeptical towards mobile games, but we believe the gaming potential of smartphones hasn’t been fully explored yet. Our mission is to make games that will combine depth with fun.


The world of the game (that’s not our world, it’s a work of fiction, all similarities are accidental) is embraced by wars, corruption and hypocrisy, and a small ship of an organization called Steampirates might be the only place that doesn’t accept the way things are going. You are the strategist that observed and promoted the ascent of a young lady named Rin Breaker who became a legendary pirate boss throughout accomplishments and losses, because she has the power of spirit that can change the world into a better place.


  • Tactical turn-based combat
  • Cynical world with nonlinear storyline with different outcomes
  • Player-control craft to help you make weapons that fit your tactics
  • Improve relations to your crew to make them learn new skills
  • Combined 3d and 2.5d graphics
  • Random encounters and events


We use optimized shaders and effects to make a toon-like look with a high performance on mobile devices.

Team management is important not only for battles.

Relations with crew members are important. You can even start a romance with some of the characters!

Advanced crafting system allows player to make weapons needed for the strategy.



You live a daily life of the Steampirate strategist, but every day something happens. The plot of the game will develop with time and will depend on your actions. You make all tactical decisions like team management, shopping, crafting, etc.

Characters that join you may take part in events from time to time, and their relations with you will progress over time and with the way you treat them. If you’re doing a lousy job, you might even face a betrayal!

Battles use the good old JRPG turn-based style. You can win difficult battles not only by doing a lot of grinding, but also by using your brains and tactics (you’re a strategist, after all!). The non-grind methods of fighting are:

  • Using enemies’ weak spots. Each attack is based on STAT (strength, dexterity, perception and mind) or ELEMENT (fire, ice, lightning and ether). The responding STAT of the opponent will reflect the damage done by the attack. For example, a character with low STR (strength) will get more damage from STR-based attack, than a strong one.


  • Tricking. By combining various buffs and stat-changing attacks you can turn a strong enemy into a weakling. If characters that use heavy STR-based attacks lose their strength, they won’t be able to perform their best attack. Or even any attacks at all.


  • Characters with high charisma can change your enemies’ minds, lowering their morale, forcing to give up without a fight, or even join you.


You can already play the game on Android!

Currently available downloads:



The game is still in the early phase of development, but we launched a pre-alpha testing. We wanted to start getting feedback on our game’s various aspects as soon as possible so that we can find bugs and improve our features.

We love people who love games, that’s why we want to develop Steampirates together with them. We value people’s opinions and encourage constructive feedback. Mobile platforms give us opportunities to add content on the way, so you won’t have to wait for the launch for too long. With funding we can make a lot of great content. It takes time and money to produce something good and high-quality, so we keep getting distracted by other work and freelancing to keep us going. With your help we can greatly increase the speed of our development and launch the game fast, and also add features we’d like, but currently don’t have resources for them, like multiplayer.

We try to make original games for people, we take risks, and experiment to bring you a new gaming experience you’ve never had before, so if you’re missing this approach from AAA-titles, we are here for you.

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