An update!


We always work hard to make a great RPG, and today we have some news for you! Here’s what we’ve done:


Post Effects – we’ve added post effects to battles and they change the feel of them. See for yourself!


We’ve added ‘classic’ camera mode. It works just like in good old JRPGs with orthographic projection. It gives a feel of a 2d game. The camera is static here. You can switch between action 3d camera and classic 2d in the settings menu.


We’ve improved the battle interface, making it more simple and convenient.

AP now works like a cooldown, starting with action and getting ready for turn when the counter reaches 0. Also, when selecting an action, it’s icon is shown in the ‘DO IT’ button.


We’ve changed the look of the world map. Now some of the objects are hand drawn. Work is in progress because we want to make a really nice world map.


There are also some new skills in demo: Rin’s Black Hole shot is now used as a skill, and her LittleBlackHole pistol can now be used with any other steamgun. Slayer now has a more destructive skill called Final Blow. It deals a huge amount of damage and requires 20 STR, 20 EP and has a 30 AP cooldown.



Also, some animations, bugs and other things are fixed. As you can see, there are many changes and they will be integrated in our demo in a week!

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Demo update, new looks
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