Huge visual update!


We’ve made a huge update to the looks of World Slayer. Now the whole game looks like a comic book or toon while being a 3D. And here’s how we did it: we removed most of textures and simplified the rest (this also improved rendering performance and decreased memory usage), made a complex lighting to scenes with 5 to 8 sources of light, added additional backgrounds that are blurred with camera’s depth of field.

We also made some changes to camera’s logic and interface, it’s now more convenient because camera helps players to highlight available targets for every action.

New world map is more abstract now, it consists of low poly textureless objects with proper lighting. Pathfinding and exploration are improved, with no performance drops compared to the previous 2D map. Also, there are weather effects on the world map now.

Post process effects are now optimized for mobile devices as well. For lower end devices you can reduce the level of details to get higher performance.

It would take some time to update the DEMO with these changes, however.


We did it!
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