Demo update, new looks


Finally, we’ve applied all the changes to the demo! (only Windows demo is available at the moment, other versions on the way)

In addition to those in the previous article, now the demo features a lot of new things:

Added battle scene in the castle. (Accept Lenore’s challenge to check it out).


World map is totally remade. It’s mostly in 2D, with a different camera angle. Not much in common with the previous version.


Improved interface. Simple and more convenient. We’ve also added the help button in the bottom center of the battle screen – it shows the status of any active character. You can check the description of buffs here, and see which stats are raised/lowered. Character’s info in this window gives you a hint on the best strategy.

Battles start with 1/2 of EP now, but energy points increase with every turn and even faster with ‘charge’.

Some of the enemies have a ‘special’ skill now, when their energy is full. It could be painful, so watch out!


We’ve added preference settings for PCs and mobile devices. You can now select one of the 3 presets that matches your hardware best. In this menu you can also switch between classic mode and action camera mode. Don’t forget to check the difference!


Best regards, World Slayer Team.


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An update!
We did it again.
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