Name: Executor #7 (Also known as The Slayer)

Class: World Slayer

The protagonist can either be male or female (depending on the choice, the romance scenes and the story in general will differ).

Executor #7, a level 99 hero, got the nickname for being successful at destroying worlds more than anyone else, but after the last mission was stripped of all powers and got downgraded to a level 1 tyro.

The behavior of this character depends entirely on the actions of the player.

Name: Thea (real name is unknown)

Class: Amnesic Sorceress

Weapon: Pure Magic

The mysterious sorceress who drained Slayer of all strength. Along with that, probably because of the power of the spell, she lost her memory. Or maybe she just hit her head so hard, that she forgot not only what happened, but also how to behave herself appropriately without making everyone think that she’s a naive tool.

For example, she has no idea why people are so attentive to her outfit. Doesn’t understand sarcasm. Or context. Pure innocent soul. Or just a naive tool.


Name: Rin Breaker

Class: Pirate Boss

Weapon: Revolver

If you look at this girl you will never guess that she’s the boss of the SteamPirates, a young faction, the major interest of which is freedom and also, to be honest, stealing technology from the rich and giving it to the poor.

Rin is always optimistic, determined, and practically shines like a light, that motivates everyone to follow her. She lost her hand in a battle and had to replace it with a mechanical one.


Name: Phil ‘ASDF’

Class: Heartless Hacker

Weapon: Flaming Heart

Legendary hacker (who clearly didn’t bother much about his nickname), certainly loves technology more than he loves people. He’s a human machine with over half of his body replaced or injected with implants, including his heart which also serves as a supply unit for a powerful cannon in the middle of his chest.
“A good shot should come from the heart”, Phil comments on this odd augmentation.
Phil doesn’t show emotions but this doesn’t stop him from being excessively cynical or from trolling other people.


Name: Jackie Strike (Jackhammer)

Class: Raging Fighter

Weapon: E-Knuckles

Jackie (who prefers to be called Jack, short for Jackhammer) lives to fight, whether in a ring, where she has become a champion multiple times, or in life where she stands against any evil brought upon her. And evil does come since Jackie is very straightforward and always speaks her mind. Turns out, not everyone likes to hear the truth about them.



Name: Yoshime Tsukimori

Class: Silent Protector

Weapon: Spear

Most people call him The Magnificent Spearman for his inhuman skills at wielding spears and fearlessness in fight. But among those who know him a little better he usually goes by the title “the magnificent downer”, simply because he spent all his life practicing and mastering himself as a warrior while forgetting to better himself as a person. Yoshime is quite indifferent to modern civilization, instead his spirit lies in the old times, henсe the traditions and the rituals are strong within him.


Name: Elza Valcorice

Class: Gifted Neuro-Bitch

Weapon: Neuro Devices

A spoiled aristocrat, an heir to a large corporation, a bitch and a psychopath… on the other hand – a genius engineer of neuro devices, a certain kind of technology that runs on neural impulses delivered from the human body.

She’s got contacts both in the swell society and in the backstreet criminal world.

Loves doing everything inappropriate: overuses alcohol, exploits men, brags, does illegal business, violates the law and participates in unethical activities.


Name: Wilhelm Steinkraft

Class: Renegade Madmage

Weapon: Flask of Desperation

Wilhelm used to be a scientist-mage with high potential who contributed a lot to the research of magic and the development of The Order. But the scientist in him deranged and got him involved in using forbidden magic. Rumors go that he even started kidnapping people to use them as lab specimens in his bloody experiments.

Whatever the reason was, The Order cast Wilhelm out and proclaimed him a renegade. They placed a large bounty on his head. Even though many tried to find and catch him, there really was nobody who succeeded.

It is possible that forbidden magic was the cause that made Wilhelm a madman, a powerful and a dangerous one.


Name: Lia Nao

Class: Berserker Princess

Weapon: Double Razors

When you hear that a ruthless tyrant slays hundreds of enemies in just a wink of an eye, would you, by any chance, imagine a face such as this one? No? Well, then you should meet Lia Nao, The Berserker Princess, a fusion of a bloodthirsty murderer with a pure child.

Princess Nao is always accompanied by Mao, a sorcerer cat who makes up for Nao’s absence of any magical or technical skills.

But if Lia Nao is really as horrible as her enemies say, then why is she praised by everyone whom she leads?


Uniting all these characters into one team in a playthrough is not going to work – their systems of belief, their interests and goals are far too different.