About Nonlinearity


A nonlinear game is an idea that has many meanings. In World Slayer it means not only there are various endings, but also that the plot is driven by the player, and the player’s actions determine what happens next (which is not necessarily what’s expected to happen). The point is that every decision has consequences, like the butterfly effect.
The story always begins one way: Slayer comes to the World to destroy it, but after an encounter with an unknown witch, loses all powers, becoming a level 1 character. (However, even this can be escaped in NewGame+).
Everything that happens next depends upon you, my dear players. The first decision is about Thea – should you let her go, kill her or take her with you. If you do take her, she might still leave you one day if you do something she considers unacceptable. And if you become a dangerous villain, she might even try to destroy Slayer – alone or with help of your enemies. The end justifies the means, doesn’t it?..
So, yes, you might become the #1 hazard to the whole world: kill faction leaders, destroy cities and, finally, do the job of the World Slayer.
On the other hand, maybe it’s time to become a hero? The situation looks bad: factions are at war, the Corruption is slowly changing the world into something else… The fact that nobody knows how to stop the Corruption once it started doesn’t mean there is no way to do it. If Slayer can destroy the Corruption there is no need to destroy the World.
It would be too insane to help the Corruption take over the world, so we won’t allow… oh, hold on a second. Actually you can do that in the game as well. I’m not sure why you would need that.
There are other, non-battle related activities for Slayer, and a lot of adventures on the way: like creating a rock band, shooting a movie, getting a property, starting a business – art and creativity can also make you the king of the world if you get enough influence. A VN-like storytelling and event system make it possible. But remember, some will like your activity, and some won’t.
Any decision that is made with Decision Cards will affect something, either small or something global.
The World and the characters in the game are predetermined. But the interactions and their fates are affected by Slayer’s deeds. Every NPC has it’s own little world that reacts to the events that happen as a result of player’s actions… For example, if you kill someone’s enemy, it will increase that character’s perception of you. But if you hurt someone they know – they will also remember that.

In love you always easily get any lover you like… NOT! You’ll need to conquer a person’s heart like you’re conquering an enemy’s army. You might even face other competitors! The World is a cruel place, right? For example, Elza dates only cool bad boys, idols, generals or other famous people. Not some unknown warriors or selfless heroes. If you start a romance while being with another character or when a character is in love with you (maybe secretly), it might also result in some unexpected consequences.

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