We did it!

Thank you for your support, together we made this possible:

World Slayer has successfully passed the Greenlight!

Meet Lia Nao

‘Those poor little generals are so disappointed after trying to oppose me… we should forgive them…  And execute right now!   

Name: Lia Nao
Class: Berserker Princess
Weapon: Razors, Daggers, Blades

When you hear that a ruthless tyrant slays hundreds of enemies in just a wink of an eye, would you, by any chance, imagine a face such as this one? No? Well, then you should meet Lia Nao, the Empress of the Marshmallow Kingdom (the name was her idea, because ‘it should be something cute, eh?’), a fusion of a bloodthirsty murderer with a pure child. She’s often called an ‘innocent killer’, a ‘berserker princess’, a ‘demon angel’, and sometimes even a ”cute dumb goddess of war’ (she doesn’t like that one).
Some time ago Marshmallow Kingdom was a nomadic bandit tribe called ‘Brutal Death Beaters’ (which apparently doesn’t sound cute!). The tribe was lead by her father, and then by her sister, Mia Nao. She was a very cruel ruler (Lia thinks she was cool, but not cute at all). Under her rule the Beaters came to glory and conquered a lot of lands, becoming an Empire. Of course that made Mia a threat to the Alliance of the Inevitable Bliss and she was assassinated, so Lia promissed to burn the AIB to ashes and started a war against it.
Princess Nao is always accompanied by Mao, a sorcerer cat who makes up for Nao’s absence of any magical or technical skills. The origin of this mysterious creature that sleeps on her head is unknown. He once just came up to her and climbed on her head. She smiled and since then they never fell apart.

Introducing: Elza

It’s time to introduce a new character, not featured in the demo!

Name: Elza Valcorice
Class: Gifted Neuro-Bitch
Weapon: Neuro Devices

Some people complain that I’m too high maintenance. But in fact I’m very simple – I tell you what to do, and you do it.

Elza Valcorice


A spoiled aristocrat, an heir to a large corporation, a bitch and a psychopath… and also a genius engineer and inventor of neuro devices.

Neuro devices are special type of tech, that runs on neural impulses supplied by human brain, so basically you can say it’s controlled by thought. However, there are very few people who can use this technology, since it puts a lot of strain on user’s mind.
Elza is always bored by routine and looking for new thrills. For example, she built her own illegal device black market network that she’s been successfully running for a few years. No one can say what she’ll do next, and what disasters it will bring. Elza loves doing everything inappropriate: abuses alcohol, exploits men, brags about herself, ignores the law and engages in unethical activities.

Join: To get her in/join the party Slayer must offer her the thrills she never experienced before.

We did it again.

A patch?! Again?! Why?!, – you might ask, but hey. We’re working to make the best possible experience for players, so we’ve rebuilt the demo with a few new features.
Optimization – now the game runs faster and requires less space – only ~150 MB for the mobile version, down from ~240 MB.

We’ve improved the map’s control system. Pathfinding is now more accurate (although, there’s still work to do), and you can aim before making a move. Just hold left mouse button/finger and move around the map, it will highlight where you’re pointing. It also pauses everyone’s movement so you can take your time and pick where you want to go. That’s more convenient for both mobiles and PC. When you’re ready to go, just release the button/finger and the character will start moving.
“DO IT!” button improvement – we’ve removed long texts from the description. Instead AP, EP and restrictions are shown in special interface windows. You can also now use “help” panel to check what attacks are restricted for every character and why.

Balance improvement – battles are more balanced now, and are more fun.

Also, minor bugs are fixed. Hope we didn’t make some new ones. Play the demo to find out.

Demo update, new looks

Finally, we’ve applied all the changes to the demo! (only Windows demo is available at the moment, other versions on the way)

In addition to those in the previous article, now the demo features a lot of new things:

Added battle scene in the castle. (Accept Lenore’s challenge to check it out).


World map is totally remade. It’s mostly in 2D, with a different camera angle. Not much in common with the previous version.


Improved interface. Simple and more convenient. We’ve also added the help button in the bottom center of the battle screen – it shows the status of any active character. You can check the description of buffs here, and see which stats are raised/lowered. Character’s info in this window gives you a hint on the best strategy.

Battles start with 1/2 of EP now, but energy points increase with every turn and even faster with ‘charge’.

Some of the enemies have a ‘special’ skill now, when their energy is full. It could be painful, so watch out!


We’ve added preference settings for PCs and mobile devices. You can now select one of the 3 presets that matches your hardware best. In this menu you can also switch between classic mode and action camera mode. Don’t forget to check the difference!


Best regards, World Slayer Team.


An update!

We always work hard to make a great RPG, and today we have some news for you! Here’s what we’ve done:


Post Effects – we’ve added post effects to battles and they change the feel of them. See for yourself!


We’ve added ‘classic’ camera mode. It works just like in good old JRPGs with orthographic projection. It gives a feel of a 2d game. The camera is static here. You can switch between action 3d camera and classic 2d in the settings menu.


We’ve improved the battle interface, making it more simple and convenient.

AP now works like a cooldown, starting with action and getting ready for turn when the counter reaches 0. Also, when selecting an action, it’s icon is shown in the ‘DO IT’ button.


We’ve changed the look of the world map. Now some of the objects are hand drawn. Work is in progress because we want to make a really nice world map.


There are also some new skills in demo: Rin’s Black Hole shot is now used as a skill, and her LittleBlackHole pistol can now be used with any other steamgun. Slayer now has a more destructive skill called Final Blow. It deals a huge amount of damage and requires 20 STR, 20 EP and has a 30 AP cooldown.



Also, some animations, bugs and other things are fixed. As you can see, there are many changes and they will be integrated in our demo in a week!

About Nonlinearity

A nonlinear game is an idea that has many meanings. In World Slayer it means not only there are various endings, but also that the plot is driven by the player, and the player’s actions determine what happens next (which is not necessarily what’s expected to happen). The point is that every decision has consequences, like the butterfly effect.
The story always begins one way: Slayer comes to the World to destroy it, but after an encounter with an unknown witch, loses all powers, becoming a level 1 character. (However, even this can be escaped in NewGame+).
Everything that happens next depends upon you, my dear players. The first decision is about Thea – should you let her go, kill her or take her with you. If you do take her, she might still leave you one day if you do something she considers unacceptable. And if you become a dangerous villain, she might even try to destroy Slayer – alone or with help of your enemies. The end justifies the means, doesn’t it?..
So, yes, you might become the #1 hazard to the whole world: kill faction leaders, destroy cities and, finally, do the job of the World Slayer.
On the other hand, maybe it’s time to become a hero? The situation looks bad: factions are at war, the Corruption is slowly changing the world into something else… The fact that nobody knows how to stop the Corruption once it started doesn’t mean there is no way to do it. If Slayer can destroy the Corruption there is no need to destroy the World.
It would be too insane to help the Corruption take over the world, so we won’t allow… oh, hold on a second. Actually you can do that in the game as well. I’m not sure why you would need that.
There are other, non-battle related activities for Slayer, and a lot of adventures on the way: like creating a rock band, shooting a movie, getting a property, starting a business – art and creativity can also make you the king of the world if you get enough influence. A VN-like storytelling and event system make it possible. But remember, some will like your activity, and some won’t.
Any decision that is made with Decision Cards will affect something, either small or something global.
The World and the characters in the game are predetermined. But the interactions and their fates are affected by Slayer’s deeds. Every NPC has it’s own little world that reacts to the events that happen as a result of player’s actions… For example, if you kill someone’s enemy, it will increase that character’s perception of you. But if you hurt someone they know – they will also remember that.

In love you always easily get any lover you like… NOT! You’ll need to conquer a person’s heart like you’re conquering an enemy’s army. You might even face other competitors! The World is a cruel place, right? For example, Elza dates only cool bad boys, idols, generals or other famous people. Not some unknown warriors or selfless heroes. If you start a romance while being with another character or when a character is in love with you (maybe secretly), it might also result in some unexpected consequences.